Brand vandalism! Mustangs, Hummers find new life as electric plug-ins

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Brandalism: this is what occurs when marketers actually vandalize their own brand.

The latest exhibit A: the Ford Mustang Mach E (“E” for “electric.”)

Holy heresy! For Mustang purists, a bona fide piss-'n-vinegar 'Stang is all about rear-wheel-drive, a V8 motor, two doors, and about 300 snortin' ponies under the hood. So how can Ford possibly explain the introduction of a plug-in crossover sporting (gasp) 4 doors and no V8? And insult to injury time: Ford even put their iconic galloping horse on the grille!

Look, we're not against vehicle electrification, far from it. But the Mach E is no Mustang! Didn't Ford learn a lesson or three in the '70s when it tarted up the lamentable Pinto to become the grotesque Mustang II?

las, somewhere in the great hereafter, Carroll Shelby weeps... Oh, and not be outdone, General Motors has announced it is resurrecting the Hummer as an electric vehicle as well. The horror, the horror...

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  • By Ezra Levant

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