BREAKING: Police threaten shop in Melbourne with MASSIVE fine for defying lockdown

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A Berwick shopowner has today defied lockdown restrictions in Victoria by opening his clothing store to the public.

Harry Hutchison says he has no choice but to open or his business will go under.

Police were on the scene when I arrived and indicated to the small business owner that he might be issued with a $9,913 fine for opening against the Chief Health Officers directions.

The owner of Harry's clothing said he does not care and will "rip up" any fine he receives.

Mr Hutchison is pleading with all small businesses in Victoria to follow suit.

"They can't fine us all", Harry told me. is currently crowdfunding to fight the outrageous tickets.

We are fighting for Australian's civil rights.

If you believe someone has to fight back against these cases, then please help us out by making a donation here.

If you feel you’ve been wrongly ticketed for a COVID-19 violation, please fill out the form by clicking here


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  • By Avi Yemini

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