Bring Back Smiles! Group wants kids unmasked in Ontario schools

Spokesperson Rob Hunter discuss what this campaign aims to do about eliminating masking in schools, and why.

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In this report, I feature a grassroots campaign launched by concerned parents looking to end mask mandates in schools. Coined “Bring Back Smiles,” the campaign sends emails to public officials.

The group of Ontario parents and other credible figures who are working behind the scenes saw a need for this kind of initiative, especially in Ontario where the science always seems to be different. As other provinces,  like AlbertaSaskatchewan and Manitoba, opt for personal choice instead of forceful mandates, Premier Doug Ford’s provincial mask mandate still has no end in sight.

And parents are fed up.

So, I sat down with spokesperson Rob Hunter discuss what this campaign aims to do about mask mandates, and why.

Noting that there are no credible randomized control trials on the benefits (or harms) of indiscriminate masking, Rob references what he refers to as a “natural experiment,” out of Spain

Graph A highlights that the older children who wore masks succumb to COVID infection more often than the younger children who had no mandate in place — a difference that is clearly seen even between the masked six-year-olds and the unmasked five-year-olds.

Another source out of Fargo, North Dakota shows similar findings when comparing two school boards — one of which had a mask mandate while the other did not.

This temporary measure that was sold to the public by government officials and “experts” is turning into a permanent fixture. Masking children has become more of a theological stance than a scientific one, and parents with concerns surrounding the harms of long-term masking want real normalcy for their children now.

It’s time to make masking optional. If you agree, click here to sign the campaign.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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