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Brisbane STANDS UP as thousands protest for FREEDOM

Thousands gathered in opposition to lockdowns, masking and forced vaccinations in Brisbane on September 18 as part of the World Wide Freedom Rally.

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On September 18, on the grounds of Brisbane Botanical Gardens, a crowd of roughly 20,000 to 25,000 people filled the park for the World Wide Freedom Day.

The crowds from the previous month grew and so did the march.

It took place through the streets of Brisbane and this time it took to the busiest part of the city Queen St. Mall, where shop owners closed their doors, people in shops stopped and filmed and even musicians stopped playing over the roaring of the crowds.

Back in the gardens it mostly turned out to be peaceful until in the distance, there were whistles and yelling.

To find out what happened, stay turned to Rebel News and Corner Edge Studios to see what happened with a man getting arrested for flying a drone and what the crowd's reaction was.

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