The biggest drug dealer in Canada right now is Justin Trudeau's 'safe supply' program: Aaron Gunn

Aaron joined Ezra Levant to discuss the British Columbia store that was shut down for openly advertising illegal drugs for sale.

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by documentarian and political commentator Aaron Gunn (you can follow him @AaronGunn on Twitter) to discuss a B.C. store that was briefly selling hard drugs before police shut it down. This followed the province's decision to decriminalize many narcotics earlier this year. Is this any different than the safe injection sites that have provided easy access to supposedly illegal drugs for years?

"You almost have to thank [the seller] for being the perfect example of how ridiculous the situation in Vancouver has become," Aaron said. "Not everybody's got a big sign out front when they're selling crack or cocaine or crystal meth, but it's widely available. It's never been easier to get drugs or to get high in B.C."

Aaron and Ezra also discussed the absurdity of the Vancouver police's response, saying that they are committed to enforce laws against drug trafficking while supporting harm reduction for 'people who use drugs.' Safe injection sites are usually referred to as part of these harm reduction measures. 

"'We're gonna crack down on drug trafficking but we support dispensaries to give people good drugs,'" Ezra paraphrased.

Ezra and Aaron also discussed Justin Trudeau's 'safe supply' program, providing powerful and addictive opiates across the country. In addition, Ezra mentioned the futurist Yuval Noah Harari's view that drugs will be part of a strategy to deal with the boredom of people who become 'useless' as technology renders their jobs obsolete. 

"When you start handing out free drugs like this, when you allow other people to be openly dealing drugs or using drugs, right in the open, which commonplace here in British Columbia, you are enabling this kind of behaviour. You are normalizing this kind of behaviour and the deep societal consequences that are going to echo for years and decades to come," concluded Aaron. 

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