Business owner receives summons for hosting illegal meditation circle

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Once again, one of Rebel News’ features from the I Will Open portal has become part of our sister campaign at Fight The Fines.

Jessica Downey is the owner of Boho Beauty Microblading & Spa in Bowmanville, Ontario. We featured Boho Beauty back in December 2020, as a small business defying unprecedented government mandates on people simply trying to make a living.

Jess was recently issued a court summons by local police after she hosted an illegal, socially distanced mediation circle at her business. In our conversation, she recounts how the women that attended the mediation were struggling emotionally and mentally. Many had lost their jobs, their businesses, their houses, and were struggling as mothers.

Police seemed harsh at first, but softened up when Jess pleaded the case for herself and the attendees at that illegal gathering. They quickly softened up, seemingly ashamed that they were being sent to enforce COVID restrictions on individuals seeking an outlet while suffering physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the course of continued economic uncertainty. After all, the police watched and waited for the event to conclude before actually enforcing the health order.

We’re all left wondering — with economic fallout mounting, when will Premier Doug Ford honour his 2018 campaign slogans, “For The People” and “Ontario: Open For Business,” and actually advocate for the people to get Ontario back to work?

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