Bylaw officer flexes on man exercising outdoors, issues $880 COVID ticket

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Yet more COVID craziness when it comes to the rules pertaining to the curbing of the Wuhan virus in Ontario.

As you may know, things are locked down, vice-like, in Doug “Open For Business” Ford’s Ontario.

That includes gyms and fitness centres and basketball courts and even golf courses (which is really nonsensical, because if there was ever a sport tailor-made for a pandemic, it would surely be golf, given that it is outside, non-contact, and can easily accommodate those who are practicing socialist distancing).

In any event, Ontarians have been encouraged to exercise outdoors, such as going for walks. Gotta work off all that cherry cheesecake somehow, after all...

When personal trainer Jonathan Caton went for a walk recently in Waterloo, Ont., he dropped by a park that is designed for outdoor exercising. So that’s exactly what he did: he used the outdoor equipment to break a sweat. So did some other fitness enthusiasts. And that’s when a Waterloo bylaw officer dropped by, ticket book in hand. Apparently, exercising outside is a super-spreader event (even though it’s perfectly fine if you shop ‘til you drop indoors in a big box store). Science!

So it was that Jonathan received an $880 ticket for reasons that are beyond us. And it is an unwanted financial blow. Says Jonathan: “I am a father of two children that I homeschool, I run my own personal training company and as well work retail. All aspects of my life are being affected from these unjust lockdowns.”

Well, Rebel News is not going to let Jonathan fight this on his own. So it is that Jonathan is our latest Fight the Fines client. We shall be putting Jonathan in touch with a top-notch criminal lawyer and we shall crowdfund his legal fees. If you can help us do so, kindly visit and make a donation. Much appreciated.

P.S. How’s this for a perverse epilogue? Shortly after Jonathan received his ticket, a film production company set up just outside his home to shoot a movie. So let’s get this straight: in Ontario, you can film people exercising... but people can’t exercise if a camera isn’t rolling? How does this make any sense?

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