EXCLUSIVE: Calgary's COVID hotel and the quarantine law that lets Theresa Tam take your private property

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Rebel News reporter, Keean Bexte, has been flying across Canada to locate federal government coronavirus quarantine facilities.

We know they exist. The federal government published a Request For Information (RFI) on the government procurement website asking for details and interest from the private sector about setting up the facilities. 

Bexte found one such camp in Manitoba. The Manitoba Métis Nation that owns the site say they haven't yet contracted with the federal government, but they are ready to use the site when called upon. 

But where else are these things? A new access to information filing with the City of Calgary confirms that Cowtown has at least one, and the City of Calgary's emergency management team requested a second one to help deal with an outbreak at a meat packing plant south of the city:

...not sure if they have reached out or not yet, but expect Alberta Health Services to advise you that they will be looking to move some people into the PHAC isolation facilities (isofac) in the hotel out by the airport, and maybe establishing one in the a South of the city to help with the Cargill outbreak. These would be asymptotic people who can’t self isolate because they live in close quarters.

Another email between bureaucrats reveals the logistics of the isolation facility and the general location:

PHAC Western Region has retained two co-located hotels nearby to serve as designated self isolation site until April 30th, 2020. The location of this site is not publicly known and should not be disclosed given privacy and safety concerns. PHAC has also retained the services of Canadian Red Cross to deliver some operations at the site, as they have done at other self-isolation sites in Canada. PHAC completed the operational set up of the Calgary self-isolation site on Friday, April 4th.

The documents also reveal that the City of Calgary was left wanting for details after the federal government announced that Calgary would be one of the Canadian airports still taking international flights.

I am in a management team meeting and a question that came up was, with Calgary one of 4 airports allowed to accept international travelers and those travelers must go immediately into quarantine from the airport, does AHS have an idea of how many travelers might be expected? Part 2, would AHS be looking into accommodation strategies for these folks?

Further in the emails, the bureaucrats note that Theresa Tam is able to expropriate private property for use as a quarantine site.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer has the authority to designate any place in Canada as a quarantine facility if deemed necessary to protect public health in accordance with sections 7 and 8 of the Quarantine Act.

Rebel News is going to continue to file for information into which cities, provinces, and municipalities are hosting these COVID-19 isolation facilities, and bring you any details we can into their use. But these sorts of projects are expensive and time-consuming. To help fund our effort to bring you what the mainstream media won't, please go to www.rebelinvestigates.com.

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