Calgary MP Tom Kmiec talks Liberals' federal budget 2022

Kmiec joined us to discuss the Liberals' federal budget and the generational debt Trudeau’s government is saddling our children with, as well as how new environmental taxes will inevitably cripple hard working Canadians' finances.

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Costly, ill-conceived, eco-manic and likely to do irreparable harm to Canada are all descriptors which suit both Justin Trudeau and his government’s most recent budget. Despite great efforts to insist that this time around, the Liberals really are focused on helping the middle-class, the only folks they are helping are those who will no doubt find jobs in the ever growing Canadian governmental bureaucracy.

The problem with that lies in that once everyone works for the government, there is no one left to pay taxes to the government. The Liberals have been calling their immense spending plans “fiscally responsible”, which likely makes sense in the mind of someone who believes that budgets balance themselves.

I joined the Member of Parliament for Calgary Shepard, Tom Kmiec, to break down the budget. We discussed the generational debt Trudeau’s government is saddling our children with and the disconnect between Ottawa elites and working-class families and immigrants who are trying to start families and buy homes, but are struggling due to skyrocketing costs and dwindling buying power.

We also talked about some of the troubling taxes being brought in under the banner of environmental concern, such as a truck and SUV tax, which is a direct attack on farmers and trades workers, and for those living in the Prairies, particularly in rural regions, those who need trucks to navigate our winter roads.

Mr. Kmiec and I also discussed the ever growing carbon tax and the continued alienation of Alberta and Alberta Energy under the 2022 budget, in addition to delving into some economic basics about how Canada can get back on track in a post-Trudeau world.

MP Tom Kmiec believes that only a strong Conservative majority can rectify the massive fiscal hardships that have been created in no small part thanks to Justin Trudeau’s unchecked spending. A strong Conservative party needs something that it has been lacking for some time: a strong leader.

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