Can Derek Sloan win? Former Conservative MP in campaign mode at Alberta event

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Independent Member of Parliament Derek Sloan, who was removed from the Conservative caucus for what leader Erin O’Toole called “a pattern of destructive behaviours,” has been touring the country speaking with large crowds of supporters who feel that Sloan was really ousted for standing by his principles and for failing to bend the knee.

As Rebel News’ own Matt Brevner reported, Sloan is in the process of starting a new federal party, the True North Party of Canada. We have seen our share of new parties emerging over the past few years, but very few have garnered the type of support that we witnessed on Thursday evening.

The raucous crowd of nearly 300 erupted with cheers, shouts, laughter and frequent rounds of standing applause as Sloan spoke. Sloan took time to answer questions and shake everyone’s hands, which was a welcome refresher compared to Justin Trudeau’s treatment of real journalists in Canada, like Drea Humphrey, as of late.

The Sloan family was also in attendance, including Sloan’s children, his wife and parents. This was not a mere photo opportunity either — his family is really on the road with him as he goes from town to town speaking to packed community centres and curling clubs. Not only did we interview Sloan, but we also managed to interview his wife and his parents, all while his children ran around and played. The entire thing felt hauntingly authentic... and authenticity and politics have not gone hand-in-hand in Canada for some time.

The event had all the hallmarks of good old-fashioned grassroots campaigning. The sentiment was not dissimilar to the good old days of Jason Kenney driving around in his blue pickup, meeting people face to face… which, perhaps born of some fundamentally Albertan heartbreak, prompted some skepticism. We can’t really trust a politician from Ontario, can we?

Albertans have been hurt by false saviours and floor-crossers alike over the last decade or so. I couldn’t help but wonder if Sloan, and his new party, might wind up like so many others who have set us up only to let us down. So I asked him why we should trust him, how he was different, if he had a plan to keep the party from compromising on principles, whether social conservatives would finally have a home in a federal party and if he thinks the True North Party of Canada can really win.

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