‘Capitalism vs. Communism’: David Menzies recounts Canada vs. Russia ‘Summit Series’ on 50th anniversary

'We all know that the Summit Series was far more than eight exhibition hockey games,' said David.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies looked back at the significance of the 1972 Canada vs. Russia "Summit Series" on the 50th anniversary of the iconic hockey showdown.

David also examined if Canada is now freer than it was 50 years ago, as the series not only represented a hockey rivalry but was symbolic of "democracy vs tyranny" and "capitalism vs communism."

As stated by David, "Here's the thing folks, a half-century later, how democratic, how free are we in Canada of 2022 versus 1972?"

Speaking about the series, David said, "A wide-ranging belief kicked in. Namely, if the very best players in the NHL ever took on the best that the Soviet Union had to offer, well, the Russians would be utterly annihilated. Come 1972, that thesis was finally put to the test with a summit series featuring four games in various Canadian cities and four games in Moscow."

He went on to say, "Canada of course would go on to prevail, and you know if you want to relive the 1972 Summit Series in text, I highly recommend Ken Dryden's new book 'The Series: What I remember. What it felt like. What it feels like now.'" 

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