Canadian kids send heartwarming messages to trucker convoy

Using a walkie-talkie app, kids from across Canada have been sharing support for the truckers during their protest against COVID mandates and restrictions.

Canadian kids send heartwarming messages to trucker convoy
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The trucker convoy here in Canada has taken the world by storm, making their way from coast to coast to converging on our capitol city in coming days.

This convoy has become representational of all walks of life, vaccinated to unvaccinated, our oldest to our youngest, and has even gathered international support as it makes it way to Ottawa in protest of the ever-changing, but always present COVID-19 mandates.

From mandatory vaccines to mask orders, it seems these people and their supporters have decided the time for government mandates is through, and they plan on making that known as they converge on the grounds of our nation's capital.

One interesting thing that’s special to the trucking industry is their appreciation for radio communication, and the convoy organizers have given supporters a fresh sense of what that means, through an app called Zello.

On this app, supporters and truckers share in a radio-like transmission, where they predominantly send voice messages as a means of communication. Below is a sample of some of the support they have received from our youngest.

These kinds of messages can be heard quite literally 24/7 in the chat, but it isn’t just the youth conveying support. The longer you listen in, the more you hear from families who’ve been struggling, business owners who’ve gone under, and even international observers, all thankful for what these truckers represent.

As moderators and supporters have expressed staunchly, their convoy is neither for, nor against, vaccines; rather, they are against the mandates and orders the government has imposed, and they seek freedom for everyone from these suffocating rules.

It’s been a difficult two years for all of us, but though our politicians and bureaucrats have sought to divide us and have us turn on each other, this convoy has many people around the world feeling a sense of hope yet again, and has reminded Canadians of what it feels like to be a part of this great nation, with even greater truckers.

If you want a vaccine, go right ahead. If you don’t want a vaccine, no problem. Triple mask? Who cares. As long as you feel safe, masked or unmasked.

We are Canadian and we are free, and we are done with the mandates and orders our government has imposed on us.

Each and every Canadian has a right to protect themselves, and as a nation we have made protection painfully within reach. It’s time we stop forcing people do things, we are not QR codes, and we will live life free as we once used to.

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