CBC editors aggressively pushed for raunchy website article

Documents uncovered by Rebel News show editors at the state broadcaster were aggressively pushing to publish an article pitched by a far-left freelancer.

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New access to information documents obtained by Rebel News show CBC staffers were eager to publish an article pitched by a far-left freelancer.

Rebel News asked the CBC to provide copies of all documents and communications regarding the proposal development and launch, as well as the public's response to the posting of an article about Christopher Sherman, the publisher of "Have a Horny Day", what CBC describes as Canada's "horniest newsletter."

It was part of the state broadcaster's Pride Season content.

At Rebel News, we do this important accountability journalism through your generous donations to our special investigations fund at RebelInvestigates.com, and since CBC is a government agency, we were able to file for access to these documents.

The article was in planning for several months and was pitched by a far-left journalist named Rhea Singh. Her email address in the documents is redacted; however, her anonymous Twitter handle @ciggiemom was not redacted.

So I was able to see what a terror apologist radical she really is. And that she is in fact critical of CBC, however, not enough to not pitch stories to them about weirdos and their websites.

We can see that CBC staffers, including one named Chris Dart, were very eager to have her article published, and they seem annoyed that it wasn't coming to them fast enough.

“Can you get this back to me tomorrow morning so we can get it up for Wednesday?” Dart wrote. “I am so sorry. I'll have it to you by EOD,” meaning the end of the day, was the reply from Singh.

Dart again asks, “Hey homie, where are we at with this?”

Working within their little homegirl-homeboy bubble, CBC staff were not prepared for the public outrage which followed this taxpayer-funded nonsense. The CBC got heavy blowback from the public on the overtly sexual content.

“Now you're wasting my tax dollars, you know, the millions of dollars you get from the liberal government to help sustain a piece of s*** corporation... you and your entire organization is disgusting,” one disgruntled reader wrote.

Another wrote, “Stop the insanity of content like Christopher Sherman's horny newsletter. I resent my hard-earned tax dollars supporting this garbage.”

“I strongly oppose the CBC promoting a horny newsletter,” said a third.

CBC staff passed around a tweet from journalist Jonathan Kay, who complained that this horrific content is what $1.6 billion in annual subsidies get you. Kay's tweet ended up on Chuck Thompson's desk, who is the head of public affairs at the CBC and the chief of staff to the executive vice president.

However, CBC didn't do anything about the public's disgust of the article, and it remains up today.

In fact, in the 30-plus pages of communications regarding the horniest website article, not a single objection was expressed by anyone within the CBC.

And they wonder why people want to defund this trash.

See the documents for yourself:

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