Censorship minister awarded sole-sourced contract after declaring intent to run as Liberal

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Trudeau’s internet censorship minister received a secret, sourced contract from the Liberals after he announced his intentions to run as a candidate.

Reports like today's are the reason that Liberal MP Steven Guilbeault is pushing legislation to shut up conservative news outlets like Rebel News.

Guilbeault's censorship bill, C-36, criminalizes mean words on the internet, even for things you said years ago. It's retroactive and allows for secret nuisance complaints making social media users liable to pay up to $20,000 for every offensive tweet or Facebook post, in addition to $50,000 in fines to the government. But that's not all. The bill is truly designed to chase you right off the internet, through the threat of litigation chill. The bill allows one's political enemies to go to court with accusations that a person should be punished because they may say or do something "hurtful." You can sign our petition and read the proposed law at wwwStopC36.com.

If Guilbeault, as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, is concerned that mean tweets are undermining democracy, he better call the feelings cops today. Rebel News has uncovered evidence of a strategically crafted, sole sourced contract gifted to him by his friends in the federal government well after he announced his intentions to run with the Liberal Party, and after he was widely reported as the preferred candidate in his riding.

The proof was buried on page 21 of 329 of a recent order paper question response tabled in the House of Commons. "STEVEN GUILBEAULT for “Other professional services not elsewhere specified." Isn't that just conveniently vague? The amount of the contract is also convenient. At $9,759.08, the contract value falls just under the $10,000 amount that requires mandatory reporting on the proactive disclosure list and under the amount requiring an open tender process.

Guilbeault made a public spectacle of resigning from the environmental organization, Équiterre, in November 2018 before he was awarded this contract in January 2019 to run until March 13 2019.

In an article from the French-language paper Le Devoir dated March 12, 2019 — incidentally, one day before the end of that sole sourced contract —, it was clear Guilbeault was Trudeau's man for the job:

“The Liberal Party is counting on environmentalist Steven Guilbeault to win the riding, confirmed another source for Le Devoir. Mr. Guilbeault had left Équiterre in October, and the federal Liberals almost immediately appointed him co-chair of an advisory council on climate change.”

Rebel News sought a legal opinion regarding any potential ethics violations relating to this contract. Since Guilbeault was not yet an MP at the time, the contract is inappropriate but not illegal.

Guilbeault wants us to stop looking into his past dealings with the government, and he's making it easy for enemies of Rebel News to try to litigate us out of existence through Bill-36 enabled crybaby court cases. To sign our petition to stop this legislation, please visit StopC36.com.

See the documents for yourself:

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  • By Ezra Levant

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