Centennial College offers counselling to victims of... Rebel News journalism?

The college's president and CEO said he was horrified by the 'awful harassment' the women's volleyball team had endured as David Menzies tried to practice journalism.

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On last Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Rebel News' David Menzies to discuss David's reporting on a recent college volleyball match in which there were no fewer than five biological males on the women's volleyball teams. 

The three men on the Seneca Sting and two on the Centennial Colts battled it out on the court, while staffers tried to eject David from the building for reporting on this grotesque charade of a fair match.

Dr. Craig Stephenson, President and CEO of Centennial, released a statement about the match. Perhaps one would have expected Stephenson to take a stand in support of women's sports? Not so fast. Stephenson took the opportunity to decry the "awful harassment" the team had experienced — but at whose hands? "

"It's very funny how this president is saying things very earnestly, but he still hasn't actually talked about what he's talking about. He's talking around it. He hasn't described what the problem is. That probably took a team of bureaucrats to write in the committee," Ezra commented.

Stephenson's statement ended with a request that students not view or share David's video, and offered support including counselling to those students who were affected by the practice of journalism. 

"Well, I actually see myself reflecting the 2SLBGQ2XYZ," joked Ezra. "Because I'm questioning, I like to question most things and I think you went to ask questions. I'm not sure if that's the kind of questioning that they're talking about, but they didn't like your kind of questions."

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