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Charlie Kirk: TPUSA Young Women's Leadership Summit is a 'launch point'

Charlie Kirk describes the event in Dallas, Texas, as just the beginning for things like campus clubs.

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Rebel News was present at the Young Women's Leadership Summit 2022, an event hosted by Turning Point USA in Dallas, Texas that aims to promote women leadership and conservative values. During this three-day event, we managed to interview many high-profile speakers. One of the speakers we talked to is Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA and head organizer of the Young Women's Leadership Summit.

Kirk expressed satisfaction with how the Young Women's Leadership Summit turned out this year with the high amount of attendees. “It was an amazing turnout. We had 2,500+ young conservative women from all across America here, and this is a credit to the Turning Point USA team,” Kirk told Rebel News.

He also showed excitement over the outcome thinking there will be an increase in conservative activism in high schools and college campuses across the United States. “These are starting points. It's not just getting people in a room. This is the beginning. So, you're gonna see a lot happening in the fall. It's very exciting.” Kirk also told Rebel News.

Turning Point USA will also be hosting SAS, also known as the Student Action Summit, in Tampa, Florida in July of this year.

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