Why Chrystia Freeland “should be careful about tossing around the phrase ‘white supremacy’”

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Last week Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, tried to block me from attending a press conference at her Defend Media Freedom Conference in the UK.

Freeland’s press secretary asserted wasn’t enough room for me and the only other self-identified conservative journalist, Andrew Lawton, at the only media availability for Freeland being held at 16-acre London Printworks building where her international press freedom conference was being co-hosted by the UK and Canadian governments.

The mainstream media protested this attempt to censor us and threatened to boycott the press conference, forcing Freeland to relent. No one was more surprised than me.

I captured that rare and shocking moment of journalistic solidarity on camera. But I haven’t shown you what I was able to ask in that press conference, and how Freeland responded to me.

She didn’t actually answer me. Instead, Freeland implied the Jewish owned and operated media company I work for is somehow sympathetic to white supremacy.

Today, I’ll tell you why Freeland should be careful when tossing around such irresponsible, dangerous and untrue rhetoric in light of her own family history of Nazi collaboration. Her grandfather ran a Nazi propaganda newspaper in Ukraine. Freeland’s gramps eventually fled to Vienna to avoid capture by the Russians and continued publishing his hateful fish wrap in Austria before landing in Canada — instead of Nuremberg — after the war.

I’ll also tell you about Freeland’s secret meetings with the Islamic supremacist foreign minister of Pakistan at her London free speech conference — a man whose government sentenced a Christian woman to death for insulting Islam.

Violent left-wing extremists like Antifa wander around the streets with weapons and face masks looking for so-called Nazis to punch. Any Nazi will do even if that Nazi isn't one at all, but is, instead, an Israel-loving conservative, maliciously libeled by their own government.

Freeland’s huge lie puts a target on my back and on the backs of my colleagues.

If I get another chance to question Freeland another time in a press conference, I'll ask her how many times she'd like to see me assaulted in the course of my work as a journalist.

To see ALL of our coverage from this event, please visit MediaFreedomConference.com.

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