Come see our newest documentary LIVE in Edmonton!

In our latest documentary, RAID: Montreal's Police War on Citizen Journalism, we detail a 10-hour standoff between our Rebel News team and the Montreal police as we tried to cover a protest against COVID-19 public health restrictions in Quebec.

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You might not remember, but a few years ago Ezra Levant and a team of more than a dozen Rebel News journalists went to Montreal to cover Quebec's oppressive COVID-19 lockdown and curfew.

Come see our live screening of RAID: Montreal’s Police War Against Citizen Journalism at Church in the Vine in Edmonton!

The police's abuse of power during the lockdowns was extensive. Residents were needlessly harassed. The Montreal police seemed to take a certain joy in targeting the city's Jewish community, who were faced with a choice between following their religious beliefs or the government's public health restrictions.

Rebel News was in Montreal to cover a large demonstration against these measures. Instead, police raided the large Airbnb house boat where our team was staying, culminating in a 10-hour standoff.

The officers demanded to search our rooms and all of our belongings, but we stood our ground. We even sued the Montreal police over the incident, leading to an apology and recognition of our work as journalists.

Now, with the lawsuit settled, we can finally tell the other side of the story.


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