Experts declare pandemic over, say Canada needs a recovery plan

Canada Science and Policy Committee co-chair Irvin Studin joins Tamara Ugolini to discuss rebuilding confidence and trust in institutions and the economy again, while increasing quality and commitment in education and public health.

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As we approach the two-year anniversary of two weeks to flatten the curve, it’s become abundantly clear to anyone outside of the COVID zero echo chamber that Canadians, and Canada as a whole, has suffered massive collateral damage.

In this interview, I discuss the “National Exit Strategy” developed by the Canada Science and Policy Committee to choregraph and steer Canada out of the pandemic. It’s a collaborative think tank of doctors, scientists and policy professionals who deem the pandemic effectively over.

The exit strategy has broad scope that includes national recommendations, but is further broken down into four geographic categories — Central, West, Atlantic and North.

The committee has identified eight systems that are all simultaneously in crises while we myopically focus on one: COVID-19 public health.

The other seven systems include non-COVID public health, business and economy, education, institutions, national unity, social fabric, and international systems are in complete disarray. The strategy offers insight and suggestions on how to start repairing those systems.

Irvin Studin, president of the Institute of 21st Century Questions, publisher of Global Brief Magazine and co-chair of the Canada Science and Policy Committee, joins me to discuss.

Irvin notes that an effective strategy involves removing all sweeping mandates and restrictions to get social energy high as Canada exits the pandemic.

He references the detailed spreadsheet developed by the committee that outlines choreographed efforts across a four-month period.

The end goal remains consistent across Canada — to ensure future forecast and surge capacity. Many of the systems specific end goals are rebuilding confidence and trust in institutions and the economy, while increasing quality and commitment in education and public health. 

Of importance is Canada’s tarnished social fabric, something that will require many to untangle from a fear-based mindset and, hopefully, rebuild relationships that may have suffered during the pandemic.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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