Conservative MP runs away from questions

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This time, I attended a Conservative Party event as part of their election campaign in Quebec. The conference was held at the convention centre. It was made clear to me that I was not welcome, and that Rebel News was always disturbing their events — even though the man I spoke to had never met me.

I then continued on my way to the National Assembly, where I was stopped by the police. An officer asked me to leave the public road because he had secured the area. I tried to find out what the demarcations of this virtual security area were, and they were never able to answer me, but told me that I was not accredited as media.

I even managed to surprise Mr. Gérard Deltell, Conservative MP for Louis-Saint-Laurent. He was at first accepting of my questions, but when he saw that I was with Rebel News, he ran away from me, becoming arrogant.

I then showed up to an event for Erin O’Toole supporters and waited patiently during the photoshoot to ask the party leader two questions. He answered my questions and no problem arose. So why treat Rebel News like the plague? Did I cause any problems that day? I do not believe so.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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