Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson testifies at the Trucker Commission | RUNDOWN

After watching the inquiry for the first few weeks, Keith Wilson, a lawyer representing the Freedom Convoy, provided his thought-provoking testimony.

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Keith Wilson, a lawyer representing the Freedom Convoy, has been sitting in the stands the past few weeks as other lawyers have been cross-examining witnesses appearing in front of the Public Order Emergency Commission.

This public inquiry is taking place because of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to the peaceful protest against COVID-19 mandates and restrictions. You can see and support all of Rebel News' coverage at

Now, Keith Wilson, who is representing convoy organizer Tamara Lich and Tom Marazzo, a key participant in the protest, appeared in front of the committee. In this report, we'll pinpoint the most notable moments.

First, something that might be surprising to some but will certainly resonate with many Canadians. Wilson testified that what pushed him to begin working with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and the Freedom Convoy was the fact that his wife became aware of the government overreach that was happening during the pandemic.

His wife was certainly a lot less political prior to the pandemic, becoming more engaged throughout as mandates continued being implemented.

We also heard Wilson address a key question about the protest: at what time precisely did the protest become illegal?

And it's true; the protest was never officially declared a riot, as far as we know. From what we can understand, for a protest to become illegal it must first be declared a riot. As Wilson testified, no riot was ever declared.

Following his testimony, Wilson walked out of the room and held a lengthy media scrum. You can see some of the questions I asked below:

There you have it, that's everything you need to know about Freedom Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson's testimony. If you want to see more of our analysis, make sure to tune in to our daily breakdowns.

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