Couple allegedly kicked off Via Rail train for not masking between sips

An Ontario couple was reportedly removed from a Via Rail train in Belleville, Ont. after refusing to put on masks between sips of a beverage.

Couple allegedly kicked off Via Rail train for not masking between sips
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An Ontario couple was thrown off a Via Rail train for allegedly not pulling up their mask between sips of a drink. The engaged couple was two hours away from their destination before being kicked off the train.

According to a source familiar with the riders, when the couple refused to mask between mouthfuls of a beverage, Belleville police allegedly arrived to remove the couple from the train.

“The Via Rail employee was harassing my friend and his fiancé,” the couple's friend told Rebel News. “They paid $350 for a horrible experience...[the employee] went on a power trip and kicked them out of the train.”

The Via employee is also heard on video of the incident requesting police make the woman delete the footage from her phone, saying “Don't forget to make [sure] everything [is] erased from her phone for me.”

“We'll ask her,” an officer replies.

The employee proceeds to smack the cellphone in the woman's hand at arm's length, which prompts one of the officers to claim “You can't jam things in people's faces.”

The couple's friend told Rebel News he drove to pick the pair up, who were left standing on the side of the road with their luggage after being kicked off of the train.

Rebel News reached out to Via Rail and did not receive any reply.

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