Courage prevails: How the 'No' campaign won the day against divisive Voice

After an overwhelming rejection of The Voice to Parliament proposal, Avi Yemini asks ARC conference attendees how conservatives will continue to push back against woke left-wing identity politics.

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Australians have united against the proposed Voice to Parliament referendum, with a clear majority voting 'No' in all six states.

At the ARC conference in London, I engaged with high-profile Australian attendees, gaining insights into their views.

Attendees, including influential figures like Moira Deeming, Victorian MP, and Matt Canavan, National Party senator for Queensland, emphasised the importance of courage and authenticity in standing up for what they believe is right for the Australian people.

Deeming expressed her astonishment at the baseless accusations of racism hurled at those opposing the referendum.

The rejection of The Voice proposition resonated strongly in multicultural communities, where people stood firm for the principles of equality before the law, she said.

Canavan highlighted the need to defend democracy against the encroachment of corporate influence, criticising the World Economic Forum's (WEF) deviation from its original purpose.

He emphasised the importance of businesses serving customers and shareholders rather than attempting to dictate global policies.

Garth Hamilton, Liberal Party MP from Queensland, echoed the sentiment, saying that it's vital for political leaders to take principled stands, even in the face of opposition and accusations.

The referendum outcome served as a reminder that Australians value their freedom of choice and will not be swayed by corporate agendas, he noted.

The resounding rejection of The Voice referendum sends a clear message to politicians and the corporate sector alike. Australians demand representation based on principles and values, not on divisive narratives.

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