Courts stalling former premier Brian Peckford's COVID travel ban appeal

After the Federal Court deemed the former premier's challenge as 'moot' last year, Brian Peckford tells The Ezra Levant Show he anticipates an appeal will be heard in 2023.

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As the last living premier to sign Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Brian Peckford has a unique insight into the discussion surrounding the legal validity of government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions.

Having signed the Charter during his time as Newfoundland premier, the extreme measures imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government left Peckford feeling uneasy, particularly as unvaccinated Canadians were banned from travelling by train or plane in the country.

Seeing this as an infringement on those Charter rights, Peckford launched a lawsuit against the travel ban, only for it to be dismissed by the Federal Court as “moot” late last year. In response, Peckford and others in the case are appealing the decision.

Brian Peckford joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show for an in-depth conversation about this challenge and more.

Addressing the lengthy delays in getting the case heard in court, the former premier told Ezra:

Guess what? We applied for this to be an expedited case, and the courts accepted it and the federal government accepted it as an expedited case.

Then they turn around, after agreeing to speed it up, and slow it down by going back to the court and asking for changes as to how many people they would have arguing the case two or three times. And so, they are the people who have contributed to us not having the case heard before the federal government took away the mandates.

So, is there a chance Peckford's appeal could be heard in 2023?

It's just unbelievable. When you look at some of the appeal courts in the United States and compare it to here, it really makes you sad.

Our best judgement and talking to the lawyers is that it will be heard this year.

For more information on former premier Brian Peckford's Charter challenge against the travel ban, visit the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. To follow his writing, visit his website.

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