COVID contrarian doctors express concerns over mRNA technology in the food chain

An event organized by independent media outlet Bright Light News gave three American doctors a platform to emphasize their concerns with the handling of COVID-19, while viral immunologist Byram Bridle expanded on continued mRNA platform safety concerns.

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Independent media outlet Bright Light News recently brought three COVID contrarian doctors to Canada for a panel discussion titled “The War On Medicine: Cells Don’t Lie.”

Doctors Ryan Cole, Kate Lindley and Pierre Kory addressed attendees at the Eglinton Grand theatre in Toronto on Thursday, April 6.

Critical care physician and lung specialist Dr. Pierre Kory is a founding member of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). He spoke in depth about the suppression of evidence of early treatment re-purposed drugs to treat COVID-19 and the corruption involved with Big Pharma shilling for profits.

Dr. Lindley spoke in depth about the World Health Organization's continued power grab, with the organization's threatening the health sovereignty of independent nations. There are two mechanisms through which the WHO is attempting what some refer to as a “global coup” — one through its Pandemic Treaty and the other is by amending existing, legally-binding International Health Regulations.

The other keynote speaker, Dr. Ryan Cole, is one of only two pathologists conducting autopsies on vaccinated individuals showing concerning concentrations of vaccine-derived spike protein in various tissue samples. He explains that “cells don’t lie” while sharing slides with the audience showing massive accumulation of spike protein in bodily tissue that the public was previously advised was impossible.

Viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle further compounds the concerns over the distribution of this novel product into various parts of the body, a phenomenon called biodistribution.

It was confirmed by the JAMA network in a study that showed mRNA transferred into the milk of breastfeeding mothers.

“Therefore it’s confused by breastfeeding infants,” says Bridle. “Which is concerning because there is no legal approval for oral administration of these COVID-19 vaccines, so you wonder about legal implications.”

The safety concern is further compounded by the fact that there are yet to be safe concentration limits defined and/or demonstrated.

“This is not natural mRNA that breaks down in seconds or minutes,” Bridle explains further.

“This is modified mRNA that we’re finding — that can be found in the body for much longer than what was [previously] told. Remember that the mRNA is just a genetic blueprint so it can amplify the small amount of messenger RNA into a larger amount of spike protein, so that was the observation. What Dr. Ryan Cole and I both became concerned about at that moment is to see then that there is a possibility, if you give mRNA vaccines to food producing animals, that this could potentially get into the milk… therefore we could be consuming these mRNA vaccines, their components or their derivatives.”

Dr. Bridle uses cow milk as an example but says that this extends to any form of meat consumption where the mRNA was injected into the muscle. “Remember these injections go into the muscle, and we know they don’t stay [exclusively] in the muscle, but certainly some does stay in the muscle, and muscle is the meat that we consume from these animals,” he says.

Bridle further refers to poultry with the unknown of whether or not the mRNA concentrates in eggs.

“There are legitimate scientific principles that cause us to raise legitimate questions about whether the potential for meat or milk or eggs and other potential food products to be contaminated with these things. We clearly need research to be done before we use these mRNA vaccines in our food producing animals,” emphasizes Bridle.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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