COVID-19 now the least of Americans’ concerns, new poll finds

Americans view inflation as the top problem facing the country today, while the coronavirus outbreak ranks at the very bottom.

COVID-19 now the least of Americans’ concerns, new poll finds
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An illuminating new poll by Pew Research found that Americans no longer care about COVID, listing it as the least of their concerns on a list of 12 different subjects.

The survey, which was conducted between April 25 to May 1, found that only 19% of respondents described COVID as a “very big problem,” in contrast to 31% who said it was a “small problem.”

A further 12% described COVID as “not a problem at all.”

The new figures fly in the face of more pressing matters like inflation and violent crime in the United States. 70% of Americans said inflation was a “very big problem,” followed by 23% who described it as a “moderately big problem.”

After inflation, the affordability of healthcare, violent crime, gun violence, and the federal budget deficit stands among the most serious issues Americans would like to see tackled — all of which range between 51 to 55% as a “very big problem” on the list. Fewer than 2% of Americans consider them to be “not a problem at all.”

Other pressing issues include climate change, quality of public K-12 schools, illegal immigration, racism, infrastructure conditions, and unemployment — ranking well above the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak ranks at the very bottom, with only 19% of respondents still caring about the problem as if it requires the most attention.

“Democrats are nearly four times as likely as Republicans to rate climate change as a very big problem (63% vs. 16%),” reported Pew Research. “Republicans, by contrast, are far more likely than Democrats to view illegal immigration as a very big problem (65% vs. 19%).”

It’s worth noting that Pew Research did not include the conflict in Ukraine as an option on the list.

With the pandemic listed as the least of concerns for most Americans, several U.S. states continue to enforce indoor mask mandates and other restrictions in public spaces and schools.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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