COVID vaccine allegedly causes cornea implant rejection

David Menzies hears from Parisa Ahangari about how a COVID vaccine mandate for long-term care workers — despite her working from home in an administrative role — might have led to the rejection of cornea implants.

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As the coercion continues for Canadians to get vaccinated, we have come across so many egregious stories. But what happened to Parisa Ahangari, a Toronto long-term care worker, might be the most egregious and disgraceful tale to date.

Here’s the skinny: Parisa has long struggled with vision issues. So it was that 22 years ago, she received cornea implants, which greatly improved her vision.

Parisa works in an administration role, and during COVID, she was allowed to work from home.

But when the vaccine passport mandate took effect, she was told by her employer to get double-jabbed — or be fired with cause. As well, for whatever reason, her employer wanted her to come into the facility two days a week — even though she could effectively work from home.

But Parisa had concerns about potential side effects in terms of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

So, Parisa she went to her family doctor and to an eye specialist.

Both physicians recommended that she should NOT take the COVID vaccine as her cornea implants might get rejected. Parisa dutifully passed along that info to her employer. But her employer said verbal instructions are not sufficient and that she would have to provide letters from the doctors stating as much.

Yet, shockingly, the doctors refused to put their verbal opinions in writing!

They said they were fearful of repercussions for suggesting that the vaccines could be harmful to certain people. Parisa was terrified of losing her job and ending up on social assistance, so she acquiesced to getting the Pfizer jab.

Tragically, her doctors were proven right.

She is now suffering from cornea implant rejection. She is also now in constant pain with frequent severe headaches and sometimes she can barely see. She must take eye drops every hour to reduce the pain to a manageable level.

To add insult to injury, Parisa visited Sunnybrook Hospital and was told by a doctor that the ongoing rejection of the cornea implants shortly after getting jabbed was most likely a “coincidence.” And she was also told that she’d have to wait several months in order to get replacement cornea implants.

And yet, after all that misery, after all that unnecessary pain, Parisa’s employer is STILL insisting she get the second jab by Dec. 15 or she’ll be fired!

She is now, needless to say, very stressed out. And still in pain!

This is not right. And there is plenty of blame to go around.

That’s why The Democracy Fund is taking on Parisa’s case. TDF is going to arrange a top-notch lawyer to fight for Parisa and crowdfund her legal bills.

Check out my interview with Parisa, and if you can, please make a donation at so we can fight this egregious injustice.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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