COWARD: Jagmeet Singh dodges accountability from Rebel News

Singh's handler told reporter Sarah Stock 'We don't talk to Rebel News' as the NDP leader refused to answer questions about the motivation behind his continued backing of the failing Liberal government.

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Today, Rebels Sarah Stock and Lincoln Jay attempted to speak to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh following a press conference held at Gamble Park in East Toronto.

Like Prime Minister Trudeau, Singh demonstrated an anti-independent media policy by refusing to answer any Rebel News questions.

We asked him why he would not speak to Rebel News, considering Rebel viewership is rising and the state-funded CBC viewership is steadily declining.

We also asked Singh why he continues to back the Trudeau Liberals amidst a cost of living crisis and foreign interference, and whether or not his continued support is tied to his $2.3 million pension that is only guaranteed with a delayed election.

Singh does not appear to have many active political supporters in Toronto, considering one attendee told us there were only eight in-person attendees including Singh and his team at the press conference, which was his first public address since last week's Liberal loss of the Toronto-St Paul riding.

His failure to answer questions appears to be representative of Singh's stance on Canadians who care about holding their representatives accountable through journalism.

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