Creating a space for conservatives in pop culture

Kat Krozonouski and Nat Biase, the hosts of 'Miss Understood' on RebelNews+ join David Menzies to talk about the importance of conservatives in pop culture.

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Recently, RebelNews+ launched a new show hosted called Miss Understood, hosted by Kat Krozonouski and Nat Biase. On the show, Kat and Nat talk about the intersection of pop culture and politics, with a Christian, conservative — and slightly satirical — perspective.

Kat and Nat joined David Menzies on last week's episode of Rebel Roundup to introduce viewers to their new show, and to explain why conservatives should embrace elements of pop culture instead of shying away from the left-wing dominated landscape.

As Kat told David, we've all heard the expression “facts don't care about your feelings,” but when you flip it:

People don't want to be yelled at about statistics.

Sometimes they want an emotional answer to something that's an emotional problem. So when you're just like, 'oh but the facts, the facts, what really happened,' that can push people away and we're trying to gently bring people to not our side, but to open their eyes so that they can look at the world and think critically about what's going on around them.

Speaking about how conservatism is the new counter-culture, Nat said:

There's so much social pressure and it's all public now. If you post something, let's say in favour of Rebel News, and your left-wing friends see that, or someone else, or an employer, they're going to pounce on you and your reputation is basically done, you're over.

We talk about cancel culture — it's just so easy to be cancelled — and I think that's why people are so scared to swim upstream.

To see new episodes of Miss Understood with Kat and Nat every Tuesday, as well as Rebel Roundup with David Menzies every Friday, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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