CSIS report says 'Freedom' movement has shifted to fighting 'perceived tyranny'

Potentially violent protesters have 'broaden(ed) the scope of their grievances' to resisting drag queen story times, globalist organizations and Communism following the Freedom Convoy, Canada's spy agency says.

CSIS report says 'Freedom' movement has shifted to fighting 'perceived tyranny'
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The movement of Canadians opposing COVID-19 era public health restrictions has shifted into challenging "perceived government overreach," according to a new report.

An analytical brief from the Canadian Intelligence Security Service details how the "Freedom" movement evolved in the wake of the 2022 Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa.

That peaceful protest, which was started by cross-border truckers opposing a vaccine mandate before spiralling into an all-encompassing demonstration against COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates, was brought to a forceful end after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government invoked the Emergencies Act two years ago on February 14, 2022.

The Emergencies Act, a form of martial law, granted the government exceptional powers to limit protests, bar support for demonstrations and gave authorities the controversial ability to freeze bank accounts.

Through an access to information request, The Canadian Press obtained an April 2023 briefing document, titled "Defining the 'Freedom' Movement," and other files related to what the government labels as ideologically motivated violent extremism.

The documents, as reported by CP, describe how CSIS notes say "While a movement may collectively hold extreme views, only a small portion of those involved may be willing to engage in serious violence."

Analysis from the organization suggested demonstrators previously protesting COVID restrictions had "broaden(ed) the scope of their grievances." This includes issues like globalization, suspicion of the pharmaceutical industry and government restricting citizens' rights, said CSIS, per the CP report.

Further issues of "perceived tyranny" outlined by the spy agency in the document obtained by CP also included opposition to:

  • Drag queen story time and related materials in public school curriculums
  • A "perceived increase" in global control over Canada by organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum
  • Communism
  • The "15-minute city" concept, specifically the potential restriction of mobility rights and creation of a mass-surveillance state

The agency defines ideologically motivated violent extremism as loose collections of organized people sharing a distinct set of beliefs linked by virtual and offline networks.

These types of movements do not have to have a defined leader, according to CSIS.

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