Cubans protest in Calgary: “What we're doing right now is illegal in Cuba”

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This past weekend I attended a rally in Calgary in support of the Cuban pro-freedom protests.

After 62 years of communist rule, the Cuban people have had enough, and took it to the streets to show power in numbers.

At first, it was tough to get an interview. In my ignorance, I had thought the Cuban community would want their message to get out. To my own surprise, the MSM ruined their trust for a man like myself with a camera.

CTV and CBC had taken out most of their outcry and replaced it with, wait for it — COVID fear propaganda! They’ve insisted the Cubans are asking for nothing other than vaccines, hospital beds and ventilators.

After speaking with Liz, the ‘whitewashed’ version of her name, she told me that was not the case. “Freedom!” she repeated — Cubans want to be rid of the Castros and rid of communism.

We spoke off camera about how propagandists in the media and politics are hitting our youth with cheap shots like “free school” — painting a pretty horse over a donkey, or in other words, making communism great again!

Liz is worried about her children and our children, and is now questioning the intentions of our institutions and media conglomerates.

As she should! I make the case that we Canadian patriots should be not only standing with the Cuban people, but learning from them. As my fellow Rebel Adam Soos says, we need to listen!

The Cuban government is adored by Trudeau and his family. That is foreshadowing right out of a movie, folks! Young, attractive rich man taking over what his father couldn't finish, instilling a whole generation with a positive image of his family’s iconic hero, in this case, Fidel Castro.

Make sure you tell your gun-toting, country-loving aunt to put pro-Cuban in her bio on Twitter! We must take a stand and let the Cubans be heard.

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