Dan Andrews BLASTED for ditching his own electorate to vote

Victoria's Labor Premier chooses to vote outside his home electorate of Mulgrave and is accused of "airbrushing" a staged photo

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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has come under fire for taking the unusual step of not voting in his own electorate in the upcoming state election.

Andrews posted a picture to social media casting his vote in Melbourne's CBD early alongside wife Cath and children Noah and Grace.

Former Premier Jeff Kennett slammed Andrews for taking the bizarre step of not voting in his electorate of Mulgrave and for "not having the courage to vote with his own constituents".

"I can't believe it A Premier, a local MP does not vote in his own electorate on Saturday. Never heard of that before," Kennett wrote.

"Why? Given up? Scared to be in a public place? Wants to lose? He has hardly been in his electorate since pre polling began. Man of the people? Not this Premier!"

Andrews has been widely criticised for notably avoiding public events since his public image was tarnished by his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, which turned Melbourne into one of the most locked down places on earth.

"Candidate Andrews I think is asking the people of his electorate to vote for him on Saturday. But he does not have the decency to vote with them," Kennett wrote in a scathing spray.

"What an insult to the process. How totally out of touch he has become. What an insult to the voters in Mulgrave."

Kennett also took aim at Andrews for "photoshopping" out an exit sign above his head in the image posted to social media.

"Look who airbrushed out the exit sign when they privately voted and then posted their voting on social media," he wrote.

Premier Andrews offered this explanation for the strange move: "Like so many other Victorians, we've got a few things happening on Saturday so we voted early and on the way to somewhere else".


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  • By Avi Yemini

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