Dan Andrews laughs off resignation demands amid corruption claims

Victoria's Premier dismisses Opposition's call to step down over alleged corruption scandal.

Dan Andrews laughs off resignation demands amid corruption claims
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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has dismissed claims that he has failed to take a corruption report seriously, and he has laughed off demands that he resign. 

He chuckled at the Opposition leader’s call for him to stand down, describing it as “a performative stunt”. 

John Pesutto told State Parliament that Andrews had failed to act on the findings of the IBAC’s Operation Daintree investigation. 

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission report cast doubt over the Premier’s denial that he knew $3.4m in grants had been awarded to the Labor-linked Health Workers Union on the eve of the 2018 election. 

Liberal leader John Pesutto said Andrews had no alternative but to resign. 

“Will the Premier take responsibility and accept that the only way to clean up corruption in this state is for him to go?” Pesutto shouted in Parliament. 

 “Given the Andrews government is mired in corruption, will the Premier now seriously consider his position? If the Premier is the problem, how can he be the solution?” 

Andrews had earlier dismissed Ombudsman Deborah Glass’ criticism about his cavalier attitude toward the report that pointed to corruption within his government. 

The Premier also confirmed his government had not yet done anything about implementing even one of the recommendations from IBAC’s Operation Daintree report. 

Andrews said the corruption report had not even been on the agenda at Monday’s cabinet meeting. 

An outraged Pesutto told parliament that Andrews was “treating corruption like it is a minor distraction”.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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