David Menzies' top video of the year surpasses 1 million views

David discusses how this video stands as our 'most-viewed' report of 2023. It went viral worldwide, garnering over 1 million views on YouTube alone. More than 99% of the comments are against this 'nut bar injuring women.'

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Reflecting back on the wacky year that was, one exceptional story would be our visit to Fergus, Ontario, last July to scrum the most infamous rugby player in the world. That would be Tommy Davis, a.k.a., Ash Davis.

As you’re likely aware, Mr. Davis plays for the Fergus Highlanders WOMEN’s team. He’s clearly a male; in fact, unlike that other gender-bending grifter, I speak of shop teacher Kerry Lemieux, Davis doesn’t even make an effort to look female. Indeed, no fake boobs and wig for this guy. Rather, he sports an Adam’s apple. Male pattern baldness is setting in. And it’s impossible to ignore those leg muscles.

The fact that this presumably mentally ill individual is being accommodated by Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada is egregious from the get-go. Especially since biological men playing on a team of biological females is against the rules of the sport’s international governing body, World Rugby. Oh well. Whatever. I guess in Canadian rugby, rules are meant to be broken. Or something…

This particular video remains our most viewed report of 2023. It went viral the world over, garnering about 1.2 million views on YouTube alone. More than 99% of the comments are against this nutbar injuring women. It’s a landslide.

But our visit to Fergus in July also made for the most jarring video of the year – at least it did for me. It was jarring not due to the profanity or even the physical assaults I endured. That’s just another day at the office, really.

Rather, I was completely unprepared for the indoctrination on display. Which is to say, it appeared that all of Ash’s teammates were all-in when it comes to the preposterous idea that a so-called trans woman is a real woman. It was astonishing. Women’s sports are currently under attack by loser males – and the victims, i.e., biological females – support this ambush?

So, riddle me this, folks: what is more egregious? That a biological male, contrary to the rules, is allowed to play rugby on the women’s team – and injuring biological female opponents in the process?

Or the fact that biological females rally around this loathsome man?

And that’s the thing. These poor young women, they’ve been completely indoctrinated, they’ve been brainwashed. They are akin to a flock of chickens marching in the street in support of Colonel Sanders.

What happened? Where are the feminists hiding? Where’s Billy Jean King when you really need her?

Indeed, at the end of the day, these gals in Fergus have been led to believe that supporting a fake woman is all about embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion. It’s so incredibly sad to see how delusional they’ve become. For if anyone believes that a man should compete against real women, well, this is not about equity, diversity, and inclusion. Rather, this is garden variety misogyny.

And the question arises: in the years and decades to come, how do we as a society unravel this far-left brutal brainwashing of our youth? How do we reclaim normalcy before perversity actually becomes the norm? Assuming it’s not too late.

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