Debates Commission crafts rules to keep Rebel News out

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It's happening again: the Leaders' Debates Commission is trying to keep Rebel News from asking questions on behalf of our audience. Last time, in 2019, Rebel News, along with True North's Andrew Lawton, had to obtain a court order to successfully be granted access into the debates.

Well, this time the Debates Commission has specifically crafted rules that very obviously target Rebel News.

On last night's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at how this hypocritical rule could apply to almost every news agency, and yet is only selectively enforced on Canada's largest independent media company.

After pointing to a number of accredited journalists and outlets that would violate these same rules, Ezra said:

Now I'm not sure why opinion journalists should be excluded from the elections at all, anyway. Why would that make sense? Opinion journalism is, obviously, a form of journalism.

It's just weird, it would obviously keep out half of the journalists on Parliament Hill. So they exempt them all by saying if you're already in Trudeau's press gallery, you're fine. Even foreign state broadcasters.

But if you're not already on Trudeau's friends list, you're not allowed to have editorial opinions, and just in case that doesn't stop us, you're not allowed to be involved with someone who uses crowdfunding to help poor people afford civil liberties lawyers because... reasons?

There's only one reason here: they're afraid of being asked real questions, and so they've tried to draft this in a way to ban Rebel News and Rebel News only.

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