Derek Sloan on the Emergencies Act inquiry, Doug Ford's attempt to dodge testifying

Ontario Party leader Derek Sloan shares his thoughts on the ongoing public inquiry into the federal government's decision to invoke the Emergencies Act and Ont. Premier Doug Ford's attempt to avoid testifying.

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“It is very interesting,” states Ontario Party leader Derek Sloan, who attended the Emergencies Act public inquiry over two days, from Nov. 1–2.

Sloan, a former federal Conservative MP who was controversially forced out of the party, is very close with a key figure in the Freedom Convoy, Tom Marazzo. Marazzo ran as a candidate for Sloan's provincial party during 2022's election. 

The former MP spoke to Rebel News about what his thoughts are in regard to the inquiry, touching on Marazzo’s testimony and whether or not he believes the evidence presented so far actually shows the Emergencies Act need to be invoked.

Sloan also addressed Premier Doug Ford's current challenge of a request issued by the commission to have him appear in front of the committee in the coming weeks. Sloan showed his disappointment with Ontario's premier, who clearly played a significant role in the shutdown of the protest.

Hear all of Sloan's thoughts by watching our discussion above.

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