Dr. Jordan Peterson condemns 'traitorous' Trudeau for invoking Emergencies Act

'Working class people decided that they’re not the problem that faces the planet, but the solution,' Dr. Jordan Peterson said in reference to the 2022 Freedom Convoy. 'You haven't responded with violence to quite remarkable denigration and provocation. That's a sign of tremendous discipline and care.'

Dr. Jordan Peterson condemns 'traitorous' Trudeau for invoking Emergencies Act
Facebook/ Dr Jordan B Peterson and THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang
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World-renowned psychologist and political commentator Jordan Peterson praised the Freedom Convoy on Wednesday during a speaking engagement with Tucker Carlson in Alberta.

"Working class people in their implicit wisdom have decided that they’re not the problem that faces the planet, but the solution," Peterson said in reference to the 2022 anti-mandate demonstrations by Canadian truckers.

From the onset of the Freedom Convoy that January, the Trudeau Liberals did not recognize their right to legitimate protest of the draconian mandates employed to 'flatten the curve.'

Despite the brewing scandal, POEC Commissioner Paul Rouleau earlier acknowledged the protests were rooted in a "loss of faith in government" and "economic hardship" caused by the government's COVID response. He said at the time the "peaceful demonstrations" surprised him.

Nevertheless, the federal government falsely accused the anti-lockdown convoy of being part of the 'far-right,' and began repressing them with the help of allied media, Public revealed.

"Central to Trudeau's invocation of the Act was the alleged threat of right-wing extremism and violence, but new documents that podcaster Jeremy Mackenzie obtained through Canada's freedom of information law show that this drastic measure was based on fabricated intelligence," reads the investigation.

Rouleau admitted in his report on the convoy that several media outlets spread "misinformation" about the Freedom Convoy, which the federal government did not address.

"They did nothing but good and were treated like Russian collaborators and MAGA scum — and sometimes both at the same time," noted Peterson. "Because that’s exactly how demented Canada is."

Then-Attorney General David Lametti acknowledged in committee that he mistakenly believed Russian agents bankrolled the Freedom Convoy. 

"CBC reported I believe on the 14th of February or the 13th of February that there was foreign funding through a variety of different sites," he said. The story was subsequently retracted.

As reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, executives with the crowdfunding site GoFundMe said of $10.1 million donated to protesters virtually none came from Russia. Canadians made 88% of donations, consisting of mostly small contributions.

On February 14, 2022, Peterson released a video statement to commend truckers for their efforts to re-establish a normative peace.

"You've been able to remain peaceful. You haven't taken the bait."

"You haven't responded with violence to quite remarkable denigration and provocation," he said at the time. "That's a sign of tremendous discipline and care." 

On the same day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau alongside Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, invoked the Emergencies Act to dispel the protests in Ottawa and from across the country. The invocation of the act permitted law enforcement to detain protesters, freeze their bank accounts, confiscate assets and dismantle peaceful blockades in the ensuing weeks.

But at this juncture, most Convoy participants had vacated Ottawa to avoid further conflict with the federal government and local law enforcement.

"I think they handled that demonstration impeccably," said Peterson on Wednesday. "They timed it brilliantly and left at the right time."

He also condemned Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act as "unforgivable" and "traitorous."

The College of Psychologists of Ontario argued for nearly two years that Peterson made 'inappropriate' public statements related to the Freedom Convoy. 

In January 2023, Peterson posted a document detailing the complaints against him. According to the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF), the complaints came from the public rather than the psychologist's former patients. 

"I’ve done nothing to deserve that, quite the contrary," said the former practicing psychologist. "I think I’ve helped millions of people."

Peterson has also refused to participate in their "re-education program" as a prerequisite to maintain his practice. "There’s no universe in which that can occur," he told the National Post.

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