SUCCESS! Easter family gathering COVID ticket THROWN OUT

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Thomas Hahn had a small gathering of his wife's family over at his house for Easter dinner. Though the gathering occurred behind closed doors, a local busybody called the authorities to report that others were not living in fear and shunning their own families, as per government edicts.

The Easter grinch police rolled up and ticketed Hahn $880 for failing to comply with the Orwellian-named Reopening Ontario Act, which is the law that closes businesses to customers and homes to loved ones.

The Hahn family reached out to Rebel News for help through our largest civil liberties project ever, Fight The Fines, where we put victims of the lockdown enforcers in touch with civil and criminal litigators to fight their fines, tickets and summonses in court at no cost to them. We do this all in partnership with the registered Canadian charity, the Democracy Fund, through the generous support of donors who care about freedom and human rights.

Earlier this month, the Hahns received some good news: Thomas’s ticket was completely withdrawn, after the Crown first made an offer to settle the fine for $150. Hahn told our Fight The Fines paralegal, Jenna Little, to reject the settlement, knowing that who he has in his home is none of the government's business. The Crown then backed off, and tossed out the entire $880 fine.

Hahn and his family are paying it forward and donating to Fight The Fines to help others who may find themselves in the same situation — on the wrong side of the law for carrying on as normal, instead of being scared of everything they hear on the TV.

If you'd like to help families like the Hahns fight their fines in court, please donate at, where all donations now qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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