El Salvador removes 'all traces' of gender ideology from public schools

Under the leadership of the newly re-elected President Nayib Bukele, El Salvador’s Minister of Education, José Mauricio Pineda, has confirmed that the country has officially removed 'every use or trace of gender ideology from public schools.'

El Salvador removes 'all traces' of gender ideology from public schools
AP Photo/Salvador Melendez
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Much like how crime is on a steady decline in El Salvador under Nayib Bukele’s presidency, so are radical gender ideology lessons for kids. The country’s minister of education confirms that ideology that’s 'against nature' has been abolished from such institutions.

The process to wipe out all types of educational materials, programming, and learning resources that the previous administration approved for state schools with the ideology first began in 2022 but was only recently finalized by the ministry.

Last week, Pineda released a memo urging the appropriate staff and officials to “safeguard the comprehensive education” of students and comply with the provisions to avoid “sanctioning measures that could lead to termination of functions, following due process."

“On this occasion, I allow myself to reiterate that this ministry, since the 2022 school year, established its official position surrounding all the related elements of gender ideology,” wrote Pineda. “In that sense, all the aforementioned content with this ideology has been excluded from the teaching and learning process of our students.”

The expulsion of gender ideology from the state’s tax-funded schools aligns with statements President Bukele has made publicly about the ideology that is creating controversy on a global scale.

“We don’t allow these ideologies in schools and universities,” Bukele responded when asked what his thoughts were on “Marxist ideologies in schools” during a recent interview with Moms for Liberty’s National Director, Catalina Stubbe.

“I think it is important also, not only that the curriculum does not carry this gender biology and all that stuff, but it is also important that parents be informed and have a voice and vote on what their children will learn,” he added.

Bukele went on to describe the ideology as a real danger that is “contrary to nature, contrary to God, contrary to the family, contrary to what parents want” and should be eradicated.

“It is a plan to destroy the future generation,” he said.

El Salvador’s eradication of gender ideology in schools could be the latest piece of a growing trend of conservative governments focusing more on parental inclusion in children’s education over gender ideology inclusion. In 2023, Florida, Alabama, and South Dakota all passed laws prohibiting gender ideology teachings from being taught to certain students.

Last month, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced a common sense plan to address concerns for children struggling with gender dysphoria, which included school educators now having to inform parents of when they plan on introducing matters of gender identity to their children.

If you would like to know more about how gender ideology is still running rampant in schools and help cover the costs for us to address such issues, go to StopClassroomGrooming.com.

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