Erin O’Toole’s rant condemning F Trudeau flags has ZERO impact on those actually bearing them

O’Toole seemingly has no empathy for people impacted by the prime minister's terrible policies. Rather, he’s more concerned that Justin Trudeau might suffer from hurt feelings when gazing upon these flags.

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Just imagine: with all the issues that are impacting Canadians today — inflation, rising taxes, higher energy costs, interest rates moving ever-upward, COVID-19 vaccine discrimination — Erin O’Toole, a.k.a., “Yesterday’s Man”, is more concerned with… F Trudeau flags?

Sad but true. Over the Christmastime break, O’Who published an essay which proves why he is out of touch; why he is so wishy-washy; and why 73 out of 118 Conservative MPs voted to oust this dead dog with fleas as CPC leader last February.

But that was then and this is now. So let’s get back to that mystifying essay that was about as appetizing as month-old Christmas cake. O’Toole’s opening line is this: “One of the hopes I have for 2023 is to see fewer profanity laden Trudeau flags across Canada.”


Can you image? This former Conservative leader is now… an apologist for Prime Minister Blackface McGroper?

The problem is that O’Toole seems to be oblivious to that which is known as cause and effect. Which is say, if this stately gentleman were to put down his mint julep for a second and get off his ricotta cheese candy ass and you know, venture out to protests where the F Trudeau flag is displayed, then maybe he would get an understanding for the lack of decorum in the public square these days. Maybe then Erin would discover the justified cause for the collective anger in our dominion. Maybe then he would meet people who lost their businesses thanks to nonsensical COVID-19 rules. Or people who lost their houses. Or people who were fired for not getting jabbed by an experimental vaccine. Or people who had their democratic rights eclipsed thanks to the federal government employing the Emergencies Act to shut down a peaceful protest.

But no. O’Toole seemingly has no empathy for these people. Rather, he’s more concerned that Justin Trudeau might suffer from hurt feelings when gazing upon these flags. Yeah, these flags lack decorum, you see… kinda like that idiotic porta-potty video O’Toole made awhile back. Do you remember that wonderous display of civility, Erin? What a lying loser you are…

In any event, at a recent pro-Dr. Jordan Peterson protest, we came across a smattering of individuals who are still proudly displaying their F Trudeau flags. Those flags are not going away anytime soon. In fact, we even came across a dog wearing a F Trudeau vest — proving, once again. why such an animal is truly man’s best friend.

Bottom line: if Erin O’Toole was hoping to garner change on the flag front with his ludicrous essay, he might just get his way. Which is to say, we wouldn’t be surprised to see F O’Toole flags appear in the months ahead…

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