Convoy lawyer Eva Chipiuk: 'If there ever was a time for a PM to step down, now is that time'

Chipiuk presented her closing arguments on Friday following Justin Trudeau's testimony, which concluded the public hearings of the Trucker Commission.

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The public hearing portion of the Public Order Emergency Commission came to a close on Friday, with testimony by Prime Minister Justin TrudeauTrudeau was required by law to answer for his use of the Emergencies Act — the use of which is meant to be reserved for national emergencies such as war — on the Trucker Convoy peaceful protests that took place in Ottawa in February 2022.

Eva Chipiuk, representing the convoy protesters, gave her closing statements, restating the central argument that the invocation of the Act was unjustified and recapping some of the evidence that has emerged.

"It is our view that there was no justification whatsoever to invoke the Emergencies Act," said Chipiuk. The attorney proceeded to go through the list of reasons to invoke the Act as per the legislation, which includes espionage, foreign influence, or the overthrowing of the government — pointing out the lack of evidence for all. "There was no reasonable and probable grounds to invoke the Emergencies Act and the government exceeded their jurisdiction both constitutionally and legislatively in doing so." 

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