EXCLUSIVE: Soros-funded Open Society prepares secret notes, speeches for Canada's Immigration Minister (PART TWO)

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Exclusive Access to Information documents reveal that George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) used their partnership with the Canadian government to peddle access to the Immigration Minister to OSF friends in big business.

It's verboten to criticize George Soros and his meddling in the foreign and domestic policies of sovereign nations. Canadian Conservative parliamentarian Kerry Lynn Findlay had to apologize for suggesting that George Soros was just a little too close to Canada's new finance minister Chrystia Freeland. Freeland was Soro’s biographer and, in 2016, the Canadian government partnered with Open Society Foundations on Canadian immigration policy.

OFS doesn’t hide their open borders agenda and their partnership with the Canadian government comes with expenses Canadians have to pay. OSF deserves scrutiny and careful examination as a foreign-funded entity influencing Canadian domestic policy, the same way Make Way (formerly known as the Tides Foundation) is under the microscope for their meddling in natural resource extraction policy.

Yesterday, the first part of our investigation into these documents demonstrated the close relationship between OFS and Immigration Canada, including at least “hospitality” events the Ministry planned for OFS in Argentina and Brazil.

Today, we have emails from Immigration officials that show that OSF was given the opportunity to draft ministerial briefing notes for Ahmed Hussen:

So if you can feed your comments and those of [name redacted] back to me in one go, I will work it up through the system.... if there are background briefing points that we can put into the two-page note that goes into the briefing binder to prepare Hussen ahead of time this will make it easier for everyone concerned.

Emails also indicate the officials and OSF staff know this is not something they should be doing:

Keep it discreet. Not really sure this is above board sharing the comments in advance.

Another heavily redacted email shows OSF is given an advanced confidential copy of a Hussen speech to review before he gave it:

Here is a confidential copy for your review. Any gaps or points to make would be much appreciated.

Another email proves that Immigration Ministry officials were to set up a potential event — a taxpayer-funded reception and dinner with Minister Hussen — and OSF sees this as an opportunity to peddle access to the Minister to their friends in the business community:

If we do pursue it, I can invite other corporate actors associated to the Business Refugee Action Network and other private-sector contacts to be associated to impact investing in the UK.

Attached please see a note on the business Refugee Action Network which is led by Virgin, Ben & Jerry's the B-Team, and IRC.

Let me know how I can help make the dinner a success and more broadly incorporate businesses and their thinking into our work.

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