Kian Explains Why He Was Wrong To Hate Israel

'Many people might not know, but Bethlehem used to be a Christian town,' said Sheila. 'Now it's behind the security fence, and it's a majority Muslim town.'

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In the past ten days, Rebel News embarked on an investigative journey in Israel and Dubai investigating the consequences of Donald Trump negotiating the Abraham Accord, a peace treaty initiated between the UAE and Israel, which is now extending its influence across the region.

On last night's episode of the The Gunn Show, Sheila Gunn Reid interviewed Kian Simone, Rebel's documentary filmmaker.

"And I've been to Israel, this is my third time," Sheila said to Kian. "For you, it's your first time. I think you had you had a bit of the same experience I had. You come here and you realize the media lies. They lie about everything. That's why we have job security. I think a lot of the fake news that we deal with in the rest of the world was that template, it was sort of solidified in Israel. Was it like that for you? Did the scales fall away from your eyes in some respect?"

Kian responded:

I wouldn't even call it the media in my case, and most cases of people under 30, it's really just like peer pressure.

Yeah, but three years ago, not only was I pro-Palestine, but anti-Israel. And I think that that's even further than most.

Being inside of Bethlehem, I guess it's an upsetting place. It's not nice anymore, right?  It's scary what they made me think, and I say 'they' and that's really just my friends. It's what they made me think about.

Sheila added that Bethlehem used to be mostly Christian, but now it's mostly Muslim and fenced in for security. The place where Jesus was born, the Church of the Nativity, is surrounded by mosques. It's not a good situation behind the wall, and it's sad.

"You see the graffiti. I like how they allow graffiti everywhere because they think that in Israel, that's your right to protest. They'd rather you destroy something than be violent," Kian said.

This is just an excerpt from last night's episode of The Gunn Show. To watch the whole episode and gain exclusive access to our full-length shows and more, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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