Exposed: Parliamentary report indicates China is funding Canadian media to amplify disinformation

A new national security report reveals Canadian media outlets aren't just taking money from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government, but also foreign governments like the People's Republic of China.

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As if it wasn't bad enough that Justin Trudeau is funding the mainstream media to overlook his failures, corruption, and misdeeds, now, it seems, China is doing it too.

On Monday, a national security report was released revealing the disturbing extent of foreign interference in Canada. This is not just a case of foreign meddling; it's a direct assault on our democracy by some of our own elected officials.

The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians "Special Report on Foreign Interference in Canada’s Democratic Processes and Institutions" exposes how several MPs colluded directly with the People's Republic of China to amplify disinformation and bow to Beijing’s interests in order to get themselves elected.

Former Conservative MP Kenney Chiu, who was targeted by Chinese interference, testified last month about the dubious actions of his Liberal opponent Parm Bains before a parliamentary committee dedicated to investigating foreign interference.

And, naturally, the Liberals won't reveal who these MPs are or what consequences they might face. This lack of transparency only deepens the crisis.

But the report uncovers an even darker truth.

It's not just about being blacklisted by Chinese language media because the Chinese state is imposing its social credit system on Canadian soil. The Chinese state is directly funding Canadian media to push its narrative.

Just like Trudeau's media buyouts, but this time, it's foreign money steering the news.

The findings from the report are damning:

According to the intelligence community, the PRC was the most capable actor in this context, interfering with Canadian media content via direct engagement with Canadian media executives and journalists... The sentences described examples of the PRC paying to publish media articles without attribution, sponsoring media travel to the PRC, pressuring journalists to withdraw articles, and creating false accounts on social media to spread disinformation.

The irony here is thick.

Canadian state-funded media, which has been peddling debunked conspiracy theories like falsely claiming the completely organic Canadian Feeedom Convoy was somehow a Russian operation, are themselves compromised. Some of them are on the take from the People's Republic of China. We just don't know who.

How can you trust the media in this country? It's already contaminated by Trudeau's bailouts, and now we know for certain it's tainted by the People's Republic of China's money.

Who else is paying these people to lie to you? Given their coverage of the attacks on Canada's Jewish community since the October 7 terror attacks in Israel, it wouldn't be surprising if they're also on the take from Iran.

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