Extinction Rebellion haven’t run out of glue

Protesters cover themselves in fake blood and stick themselves to doors and furniture.

Extinction Rebellion haven’t run out of glue
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Extinction Rebellion activists continue to glue themselves to various surfaces during lockdown.

With their Australian Twitter header changed to ‘Love & Rage in the times of Corona’, the fringe activist group has repeatedly gathered in public spaces.

On August 5 – the day of Victoria’s sixth state lockdown – Extinction Rebellion protesters climbed onto the first floor overhang of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s Hawthorn East offices in Melbourne where they shot flares and hung a banner.

Police were forced to bring in a fire truck with a crane to remove them from the unsafe location.

Elderly protesters also glued themselves to the windows and obstructed the front doors.

In true Extinction Rebellion style, this action has turned into a party,” said one social media post by the activist group.



"It’s clear that regular forms of protest, sending letters, don’t work,” said Extinction Rebellion activist Andy, at an earlier event. “So we’re engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience which is the most effective way to get political action which we urgently need to have a safe future.”

Extinction Rebellion also forced their way into the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment in Canberra where they proceeded to glue themselves to pieces of furniture and throw paint around the office. Another protester graffitied the premises.



Covered in fake blood, they were there to insist on a ‘duty of care’ related to an appeal made against a climate change ruling in the Federal Court. Those involved claim that Environment Minister Sussan Ley owes a duty of care to the youth of Australia not to ‘cause them physical harm in the form of personal injury from climate change’.

Mainstream news companies routinely run puff pieces for Extinction Rebellion, despite their protests regularly descending into property damage.

Incongruous reporting standards extend to Black Lives Matter, who enjoy widespread public support from the same personalities and organisations that condemn Freedom Day activists.

Political leaders and members of the press have issued repeated threats to Freedom Day protesters, even going so far in NSW to set up a special task force to hunt them down.

Extinction Rebellion protesters sincerely acknowledged their ongoing resistance to the destructive forces of capitalism and colonialism by using social media, smartphones, and the internet.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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