Ezra Levant exposes Howard Stern’s lies about using “N-word” (LANGUAGE WARNING)

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In this clip from Monday's edition of the livestream (NOTE: this clip contains offensive language), we had a look at a very unfortunate piece of "comedy" from Howard Stern. You know, that same Howard Stern who is adamant about the racism of Donald Trump? The one who made all of his money by being the most controversial figure on radio for decades? 

Well, Stern has landed himself in hot water after video resurfaced of a skit from his past. He told The View that he'd never used the "N-word" on his show, blaming a Klansman he had on as as guest. If only that were the case.

But as you can see in the video, there's a little more to the story. 

It wasn't just once, it was again and again, in a pejorative way.

Look, there's nothing wrong with profane comedy. But this is some pretty rough stuff here from a guy saying he never used the "N-word", calling Trump a racist, saying that Trump divides us. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

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