Ezra Levant: ‘In Canada, so many senior politicians make ties with the Chinese Communist Party when they're in office’

Ezra welcomes Rebel News’ newest contributor, Andy Lee. ‘I have created a very good network, and a lot of them are Chinese Canadians who are within that diaspora,’ said Lee.

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"Well, the national media is seized with the issue of Chinese interference in the Canadian political system," said Ezra. "But it wasn't always that way, even though the news many of the facts have been out there for years. It really wasn't something that the Media Party dug into. You may recall that three years ago I actually wrote a bestselling book about it called 'China Virus.'"

"But all this time, my interest in this subject, my own small book on this subject, were limited by the fact that I do not know Chinese, and I found it difficult to find someone out there who could understand, read, research in the Chinese language, and yet who was not afraid to come on TV to talk about it. Over the years, I'd spoken to democracy activists, but they were terrified that they would be punished, both here in Canada and their family back in China."

Ezra added that he is delighted to say that after a long search, he found someone who was doing the kind of work that we were looking to do for years.

She's been doing it on Twitter, tweeting up a storm about it, but not just her opinions. This is the most important thing, rooted in fact, rooted in evidence, often taken from Chinese language media, not just media, but social media apps like WeChat that are controlled and run by Beijing, where the pro CCP messaging is spread to the Chinese diaspora here in Canada.

Rebel News welcomes Andrea Lee, better known on Twitter as @RealAndyLeeShow.

Andy Lee said:

I'm very excited to be a part of the team and to be part of this project. My children are Chinese, Canadians. So, you know, this diaspora is very near and dear to my heart. There's a lot of things that are going on right now in our country.

And this has been going on for a long time, this isn't new, like you pointed out. It's it's longstanding, this interference. But, you know, it's really, really been brought in to the place. And a lot of things have gone on for a very, very long period of time that deserve further examination.

And so I you know, I have created a very good network, and a lot of them are Chinese Canadians who are within that diaspora.

And, you know, we began researching articles and and things like that. And so I don't do this alone. I want to point that out. I do have people who don't like to be named for obvious reasons because they're concerned about backlash.

But I'm very, very proud to have them assist me when I research and look for things and put that forward so that people can understand what's been going on in the background for so long because there really isn't a good coverage or examination of what's going on in our foreign language news outlets.

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