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EZRA REACTS: Chris Sky storms out of interview with David Menzies

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Last night, Rebel News released an interview with Chris Sky where David Menzies asked him a number of questions about an incident involving groups hosting a rally in Ottawa on Canada Day, criminal allegations levied against him by former friend and non-existent political party leader Rob Carbone and controversial statements he'd made on social media a number of years ago.

Sky, not liking the line of questioning, decided he'd had enough, got up and walked out. 

On today's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant shared his reaction to the fallout from the interview. Speaking about why fans of Sky are so passionate in their support of him, and why it's important for Rebel News to remain critical of any individual, even someone friendly with the company, Ezra said: 

I know that a lot of our viewers really like Chris Sky because they see him as a champion of anti-lockdownism — and that's why I like him too. They like Chris Sky because he's stubborn, that's why I like him too. They like him because he's a colourful character like a Kardashian, you just want to watch more because it's riveting. Yeah, me too, that's why we have. Even his personal appearance and that of his wife is unusual.

But we are not his PR men. You might think we are because we are supportive of him so much, but we're not on his payroll, we're not an adjunct to him. And one of the reasons why people trust Rebel News and support us and helped us overcome the Youtube demonetization is precisely because they can trust us to criticize people when they get it wrong — even if they're our friends.

Rebel News DAILY Livestreams air at noon ET/10 a.m. MT right here on and across all of our streaming platforms.

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