Falun Gong practitioners speak out about Communist China on their special day

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Falun Gong practitioners are some of the most persecuted people in Communist China.

Those involved in this peaceful and spiritual movement have faced arrest and relentless abuse at the hands of China's ruthless regime, which has forced many of them to escape Mainland China.

Some ended up in places like Australia, which, before the COVID-19 lockdowns, was known for its support of personal freedom and civil liberties.

Today is International Falun Dafa Day, so I spoke to Falun Gong practitioners and organizers celebrating the special occasion. I even bumped into one man (who I featured in my last video), who took issue with their presence.

It's not easy to counter the CCP propaganda about any issue, especially the Falun Gong. The Chinese military has dedicated units to painting them as a dangerous cult that convinces members to set themselves on fire.

The truth is that the CCP is scared of anything more popular than themselves in China because it may shift the balance of power.

And that's precisely why you should share their story on this special day.

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