Far-left indoctrination toolkit infiltrates Canadian schools

The far-left group, known for their suppression of free speech, were given hundreds of thousands of dollars by Trudeau's government to roll out socio-political agendas for Canadian school children.

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Recently, the Canadian government funded the Canadian Anti-Hate Network's (CAHN) toolkit titled Confronting and Preventing Hate In Canadian Schools.

This new resource guide will be disseminated throughout Canadian schools. As reported by Blackock's, Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen approved a $268,400 grant to fund the guide. The government somehow rationalized this as a necessary investment, despite record, runaway inflation and a looming recession.

The toolkit was “adapted from Confronting White Nationalism in Schools”, developed by the Western States Center in the United States.

This is another example where the Justin Trudeau Liberals love to insert U.S. sociopolitical issues into Canada. We saw it most recently with the peaceful trucker convoy that took to the nation's capital at the end of January of this year, where state broadcasters spread misinformation about the convoy and its intentions.

Trudeau wanted the trucker convoy to be Canada’s January 6 so he and his government didn’t bother to fact check any of the rhetoric spread by the legacy media. This same government is funding radical ideologies being born out of social justice warriors in the United States, and putting the burden of weight onto the shoulders of Canadian children.

The basis of this “Canadian” toolkit is basically just verbatim what the U.S. one said, switching out white nationalism with “hate-promoting social movements.”

They were paid $268,400 to copy and paste!

The far left “Anti-Hate Network” released this toolkit and workshops with the goal of supplementing:

a comprehensive anti-racism education program. It will give you the tools to identify when a young person is consuming hate propaganda and is becoming radicalized, and to intervene as early as possible before the situation escalates.

They define hate as:

more than a dislike. It is the dehumanization or discrimination against specific groups on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and disability.

They relate this only to white supremacy and white nationalism and that advocating for a white ethnostate is inherently anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, antisemitic, and anti-black.

But that’s not all: these groups apparently also conduct this work in secret, without publicly mentioning race or religion, often using coded messaging to launder or disguise the true intention. Does this sound paranoid to you?

Then they go through each listed “ideology” from describing white nationalism —apparently many of whom believe that Canada should go back to pre-1967 days when Canada was more white. But how do they define white? Is it skin colour? Country of origin? How far back should one go?

The typical Canadian is a mixture of ethnicities, languages, cultures and skin colours.

Under the alt-right ideology, the toolkit refers to mainstream conservative political parties as being targets of infiltration. Again, this document is funded directly by the Liberal-led Government of Canada.

What mainstream conservative politician hasn’t been labelled as alt-right? There's Pierre Poilievre with his Venezuelan wife and Venezuelan children who would likely be shocked to hear that he's alt-right. Global News recently featured CAHN’s executive director Evan Balgord, who also refers to Poilievre as far right. CAHN’s advisory board member Barbara Perry thinks that free speech is a far-right concept.

The toolkit lists TikTok, Telegram, and streaming platforms as social media platforms that the alt-right uses to recruit people. To counteract this, they must apparently implement their ideology driven toolkit into all of Canada’s publicly-funded schools.

The “How-To” states that “the resource isn’t intended to replace anti-racist curriculum or programs” (those which already exist and are in place) rather, “It is a supplementary support aimed specifically at identifying and attempting to deal with involvement in far-right social movements potentially leading to violence.”

Oddly, when referring to memes and “hate symbols,” the toolkit leave out “some of the more obvious symbols, like the swastika.”

Which leads me to question: Does CAHN really care about ending hate?

Toronto lawyer and political commentator/cartoonist Caryma Sa'd would like to question that. As a liberated Muslim woman, Sa’d uses her freedom of expression to do on the ground, citizen journalism — much to the dismay of CAHN.

On July 5, Sa'd tweeted that CAHN confuses bullying with activism.

The main event took place a year ago, in July 2021, but was only denounced by Sa'd in April of this year, 2022. Her Twitter thread calls out, in her own words, former neo-Nazi and current board member Liz Moore and “journo”/DJ Morgan Yew.

Referring to her personal story as a microcosm, the thread paints a picture of immature drama and fragile ego shelling. Essentially, as per Sa'd, CAHN organized a blockade of the venue where Sa’d was intending to interview COVID dissenter Chris Sky.

Sa’d claims that protesters helped create a confrontational situation, noting that there was ample space for them to protest her show without relying on physical intimidation. The online bullying and harassment apparently came from accounts either loosely or directly related to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

The creepiest part is that through communication with CAHN, Sa’d discovered that Yew attended her rental unit before she even announced her intention to interview Sky. Sa’d refers to all of this as an active, coordinated and ongoing campaign against her.

Similar to what I’ve outlined already, Sa’d also uncovered that CAHN receives federal funding and uses their platform to promote legislation that limits speech. She closes with the reiteration that “it's not that censoring 'hate' is a bad thing. It's that if we are too quick to define something as 'hateful' we compromise the very essence of the political process in our democracy.”

So what is this, anti-hate? Or a systemic process in which certain lobby groups, who are directly funded by the Liberal government, i.e. Canadian taxpayers, will initiate slow legislative changes by indoctrinating young school children with their sociopolitical goals?

And even if you are ultra progressive, if you are not ideologically pure according to these progressive Puritans, you'll get a witch trial of your own.

*Editor's Note – The video component of this report refers to CAHN as having received identical grants when in fact they only received one. Elizabeth Moore is not a CAHN board member, although Sa’d stands by her words in public Twitter threads. 

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